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The Prosperity Formula – You Can Start a Profitable Online Business

The Prosperity Formula - You Can Start a Profitable Online Business
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The Prosperity Formula – You Can Start a Profitable Online Business.

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Earning a living from online business has never been in such a lot demand before; almost everyone wishes to form thousands of dollars from the comfort of their front room , wearing pajamas and sipping hot coffee. If you’re a part of those that want to find out the simplest and most effective thanks to start a profitable online business, this is often for you. The prosperity formula by James Francis may be a proven way by which you’ll be pulling in 6 figures yearly. There are diverse so-called “prosperity formula” out there, so you’ve got to make sure it’s the one by James Francis you’re purchasing.

Table of Content

• What is that the Prosperity Formula?

• What makes the prosperity formula different from other online business training?

• About the founding father of the Prosperity Formula

• Why you ought to believe James Francis’ Prosperity Formula

• Who should get the prosperity Formula?

• Who shouldn’t get the prosperity Formula

• What is contained within the Prosperity Formula

• Samples of what you will find inside the Prosperity Formula

• Pros and Cons of the Prosperity Formula

• What you would like to understand before going into any online business

• Conclusion

• FAQs

What is the Prosperity Formula?

The Prosperity Formula may be a living miracle; some can even say it’s the messiah’s handwork. The prosperity Formula created by James Francis may be a program that has helped thousands of individuals surpass financial difficulties. it’s enabled them to be their boss and earn thousands of dollars working once they desire and where they find themselves. The program is made in order that with 30mins to 1-hour daily work, you’ll be pulling in thousands of dollars monthly.

The prosperity formula may be a educational program anybody with a thinking faculty can understand; with the training, you’re handed all the tools you would like to make a profitable online business successfully.

What makes the Prosperity Formula different from other online business training?

There are thousands of courses out there that promise you that their training will cause you to 6- figures monthly income; some even guarantee you which will be making a few million dollars in your first week. of these are exploitative techniques, and a couple of of you would possibly have lost thousands of dollars to the present scam. The prosperity formula by James Francis isn’t a get rich quick program; you’ve got to take a position time in learning at the start , invest time completing instructions. This program’s beauty is that when it’s found out , you do not need such a lot time again; with but an hour daily, you’ll still be racking in thousands of dollars. Below are proven facts about the Prosperity Formula,

Fact 1: The prosperity formula works altogether niche

Imagine people paying you to try to to what you love; wouldn’t that be amazing. James mentioned that when he first started the Prosperity Formula, he earned over $1000 selling products that teach the way to build chicken coops. The fun part is you’ll even combine quite one niche and make extra money . The training within the prosperity formula would teach you ways to get income in almost any niche.

Fact 2 – The sales are available within days of launching

 tons of individuals don’t understand how mini-sites can translate into massive cash. The Prosperity formula uses template mini-sites to drive traffic, which results in sales; you do not got to know a thing about tech or coding to make these mini-sites.

 After following the laid down instructions from the prosperity formula training, thousands of tourists are sent to your mini-site as soon as you launch. due to the Traffic sent your way, it’s typical to ascertain sales within 1- 3 days of launching.

Fact 3 – you simply need a couple of hours per week

Everyone features a busy life, whether it is a profitable one or not. The prosperity formula is flexible for everybody . With just 3-5 hours per week, you’ll get massive results. Most training out there assumes you’ve got left your job and turned full-time online earner, but the prosperity formula isn’t like that; it’s created with such a lot flexibility that it’s the perfect meaning of passive income.

Another difference between the prosperity formula and other training out there’s that the prosperity formula doesn’t assume that you simply know one thing about online business; they might take you by the hands from the start to advanced stages. you’ll find out how to:

• build a sales funnel

• create your products

• write high converting copies

• create engaging content

• drive organic traffic

• run an A/B split-test campaign

• Run expensive paid ad campaigns

• Many more

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About the founding father of the Prosperity Formula

As earlier stated, James Francis is that the CEO and founding father of the Prosperity formula. James Francis has been within the online information marketing business for over nine years and boasts a yearly income of over five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000). While making this money, he has also helped many purchasers grow their online business and altered thousands of people’s lives worldwide.

The best part about his life is he earns quite half 1,000,000 per annum from his house’s comfort, giving him ample time to measure his dreams.

What gave James Francis the drive to start out a web business?

• The recession of 2008 caused many people to lose their jobs

• Recent graduates couldn’t find work

• Studies show college degrees were becoming less valuable

• Experienced professionals were also losing their jobs

• The most drive was the ultimatum set by his fiancé parents to pay rent or leave after three months of squatting with them.

To get to James Francis level takes time and dedication; the journey to urge there’s no easy feat, but with you utilizing the prosperity formula tools, you go a step further day by day.

Why you ought to believe James Francis’ Prosperity Formula

James Francis personally guarantees your success within the prosperity formula. He explains that:

• The prosperity Formula is meant so you’ll start making sales within 1-3 days of launching your mini-sites

• This same method has earned James Francis a mean of $1,412 daily for the past 12 months.

• Thousands of individuals have used the prosperity formula to get extra take advantage more the twenty-four niche.

• The prosperity formula has been taught to over 5,000 people. James tutored them on the way to create a profitable side hustles using this same formula.

• Thousands of testimonials everywhere the net; you’ll find a few on the prosperity formula homepage

• You learn from an expert. James Francis isn’t just a newbie in making money online; by purchasing the formula, you gain access to quite nine years of experience making money online.

Who should get the prosperity Formula?

• Anyone who wants to form an additional $500- $2000 per month

• Anyone uninterested in the 9-5 grind

• Anyone who hungry to extend his monthly income

• Aspiring business owners who want to be ready to work on their schedule and still pull in money to measure their dreams

• Anyone looking to create a side hustle which will cause you to be your boss

• If you wish to travel tons , then the prosperity formula is for you because you’ll work remotely and earn thousands of dollars.

• Those who believe that they will

• People who are close to hand over on making money online

• If you’ve got been trying to find the way to

• If you’re uninterested in falling prey to scam gurus who promised to show you ways to form money online

You can finally say “Goodbye” to:

• Waiting on your next bonus, raise, or promotion to urge some extra spending cash

• Living paycheck to paycheck without having the ability to enjoy life’s little luxuries

• Not having the ability to erode the restaurants you would like (or take your dream vacation)

• Driving that car you hate (or having to share your car with a roommate or partner)

• Working at a corporation , you cannot stand simply because “it pays the bills.”

Who shouldn’t get the Prosperity Formula

• If you think that this is often a get rich quick scheme shouldn’t bother to undertake this out; utilizing the prosperity formula takes a touch effort and dedication

• If you cannot dedicate 3-5 hours per week to figure on your mini-sites, then the prosperity formula isn’t for you

• If you cannot follow simple step-by-step instructions

• People who think buying the course without taking action will solve all their problems

• People who want to ascertain what’s inside the system with none intention of creating money online

• People who jump from one course to a different at any slight challenge

• If you do not believe anybody can , you should not even believe getting the prosperity formula in the least

What is contained within the Prosperity Formula

The prosperity formula may be a proven blueprint for creating a successful passive income online.

• The prosperity formula contains an 18- module video course spread through eight hours with step-by-step instructions on what you would like to urge fast results.

• Quizzes at every step to make sure you’re following and understand what you’re learning

• Homework tasks to make sure you’re not just watching but you’re taking actions and getting results

• Simple spreadsheets that allow you to trace your progress and your income

• Proven free resources (templates, worksheets, and free website plug-ins to scale up)

• You get an “over the shoulder” walkthrough of each single thing you would like to earn from this online business (from fixing your mini websites to driving traffic and collecting paychecks)

The modules within the prosperity formula include

MODULE #1: Start here:

• The introductory section shows why you ought to follow abreast of the program, proofs of earnings and proof of experience , and directions on the simplest thanks to learn the prosperity formula.

MODULE #2– Profit Validation:

Many people have the misunderstanding that it’s until they spam people’s inboxes on social media or through emails that you simply make a profit; this opinion is wrong. during this module, you’ll learn:

• That you’ll only make money online by a drag with an answer , simplified as Problem ->Persuasion -> Solution (sale).

• To concentrate on a distinct segment . a distinct segment you already realize a distinct segment you’ll wish to learn. you’ll also get a questionnaire which will assist you find a distinct segment that you simply like.

• Important recommendations on some niche and therefore the best method to travel about it.

MODULE #3 – Creating Your Customer Profile:

• In this module, you’ll tend a worksheet where questions like who your audience is, what problems are often solved in your niche, what goals you’ve got for your niche, and lots of more inquiries to help create a customer profile. you furthermore may get to understand what your customers not what you think that they need , an error made by most affiliate marketers. • You also will find out how to try to to a correct market survey to seek out out who your audience is and ways to urge them to shop for from you.

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MODULE #4 – Laying the Foundations:

Every building requires a foundation, and building a web business is not any exception. during this module, you’ll learn:

• The six steps to putting together the proper foundation for your online business.

• The dos and don’ts of making an internet site

• How to set-up your account(s) for payment

MODULE #5 – The Prosperity Formula:

You will learn

• The best approach when it involves selling products to people

• How to form an easy idea more enticing and attractive.

• The importance of creating your solution different from others and why your solution standing out will increase your profit.

MODULE #6 – The Prosperity Formula II – Profit Process:

The continuation of module 5 where you’ll learn

• How to offer value to prospective leads while promoting a product to them.

• The effectiveness of a squeeze page and therefore the importance of building an email list.

MODULE #7 – Audience Attraction:

You will learn

• How to draw in an audience to your online business without looking to market sales, this manner people want to figure with you and not are forced to figure with you

• Importance of giving free content and the way best to structure it.

MODULE #8 – the answer Selling System:

You will get to understand

• The importance of earning your prospective buyers’ trust and confidence due to the worth they got from your lead magnet and buy products you recommend.

• How to form sales either by selling your product or as an affiliate.

MODULE #9 – Building a Loyal Fanbase:

You will learn

• The importance of keeping your prospect for an extended time; this manner , you’ll multiply your profit up to five times more.

• Importance of employing a good email auto-responder and the way best to about it.

MODULE #10 – Building a Loyal Fanbase II: Generating Leads:

A continuation of module 9, you’ll know

• How best to create an email list without committing a criminal offense .

• How to make a squeeze page

• Different sorts of squeeze pages.

• How to content delivery page.

MODULE #11 – Your Profit Multipliers:

You will learn that for you to run a web business, one sale isn’t a purchase .

• How to research your prospects behavioral pattern to maximise profit (a win-win scenario)

• How to make and make upsells.

• What may be a tripwire, and why you should not use it?

MODULE #12 – Your Automated Follow-Up Machine:

• The importance of following up together with your prospects and the way to travel about it.

• The time-frame between each email and

• The top follow-up mistakes you ought to avoid

• The sequence of your sales offer and follow up should follow

MODULE #13 – Communicating and Building Trust together with your Audience:

The bigger and more responsive your audience are, the extra money you’ll make from your promotions. during this module, you’ll be taught:

• How to send broadcast emails.

• Importance of sticking to your schedule.

• The best template to follow to urge the simplest result

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MODULE #14 – Building Bridges:

You will be taught

• How to create your authority during a niche?

• The best ways to form use of an authority blog.

• Best ways to line up your blog (selecting a topic , sidebar widgets, banners, etc.)

MODULE #15 – the way to get a vast Stream of Buyer Traffic:

You will learn

• The best ways to draw in your ideal customers using Facebook ads.

• How do you have to set about attracting new customers.

• Types of ads and therefore the best ads type to use

MODULE #16 –The top 3 alternative Free Traffic Strategies:

Apart from Facebook ads, there are other alternatives. you’ll see:

• How to seek out popular high traffic blogs

• How to maximise the facility of guest blogging

• Forums you’ll use to create traffic

MODULE #17 – Testing, Tweaking, and Perfecting Your Funnel:

You will learn tricks

• To increase your conversion rate.

• How to calculate your opt-in rate, EPC, and opening rate of your email broadcast and the way to research it?

• What is split testing and the way to use it

MODULE #18 – Your Six-Figure Blueprint:

 the ultimate module of digital prosperity. After following all the modules, everything is about to start out making a profit. you’ll learn

• How to automate or outsource counting on where needs arise.

• General tips like consistency, the importance of networking, and grow our traffic, etc.

• . you furthermore may get a chance to be among the six people that can further grow their online business through the 0 to 10k program.

 After every module you get a quiz to make sure you understand what was taught.

Samples of what you will find inside the Prosperity Formula

Inside the prosperity formula, you will find out

• How to earn from pile niche, albeit you are a total beginner

• The best niche to travel into and stop dalliance on niches which will never make any money

• A simple system for creating 3-page mini-sites that generates thousands of organic traffic and, in turn, tons of sales

• Niches people are willing to spend money on

• High converting products to sell (allowing you to earn many dollars for creating only one sale)

• How to make mind-blowing content which will drive even a complete stranger to tug out his/her wallet and buy what you’re selling

• Why there’s no got to make your products (and why it’s easier and faster to urge purchased other people’s expertise)

• The proven email marketing templates for driving sales round the clock

• The key to making a mass loyalty brand who know, like, and trust you (and will buy almost any product you recommend)

• How to urge thousands of organic blog traffic without having to spend all day writing or paying for ads

• Three different strategies for driving free traffic to your mini-sites

• How to tweak and test your mini-sites so you’ll proportion your earnings daily

• And more!

Pros and Cons of the Prosperity Formula


• The prosperity formula is extremely cheap. With the contents thereon , it should cost more about fourfold quite the particular price. i think James Francis’ goal for creating this course is especially to assist people and guide them on what to try to to instead of make money himself.

• It is simple to understand: every detail is well explained; with how each module is structured, you’d easily understand what you ought to do.

• It may be a course created by a veteran within the make money online business.

• You can finally boast of a profitable side hustle.

• It comes with a quiz at the top of each module to make sure you understand what was explained.

• It requires only 3-5 hours weekly for fulfillment .


• There are other programs titled the prosperity formula out there, and if you’re not careful, you would possibly make the incorrect purchase

• You might still need to spend a touch additional cash to urge domains and your online business found out

What you would like to understand before going into any online business

Succeeding in whatever business you would like to venture into first starts from your mind; this acts because the drive to push you to realize . James Francis came up with a formula you’ll use to prosper in your online business.

The formula is K N IO T =P

K stands for a skill set of data . The knowledge you learn allows you to line and reach your goal adequately. The knowledge you would like to succeed online are contained during this 8-hours course.

N stands for need. the maximum amount as you’ve got interests and niches you’ll wish to promote; you would like to attend to people’s NEEDS. you discover out the products, information, and services that folks will need. This way, you help them by offering choices which will satisfy their needs.

IO stands for an Irresistible offer. After knowing what people need, you add value by providing them with helpful information; this builds up the trust relationship between you and potential leads.

T stands for traffic. While making your offer, you create it in such an attractive manner to realize the maximum amount traffic as possible.

If you apply this formula rightly, you’ve got no other choice than to achieve your online business.

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The prosperity formula by James Francis may be a proven method to form money online successfully. The training is spread through 8 hours’ timeframe. during this course, you’ll enjoy a few decade of experience within the online business. With the prosperity formula, you’ll learn step by step the way to found out your mini-sites, the way to drive traffic, and the way to proportion your online business.


How is that the product delivered and the way quickly?

Typically, you receive a confirmation email from James Francis sent to the e-mail you submitted alongside the form . If you are doing not receive your confirmation email within 5 minutes, you ought to check your spam/promotions folder if your email provider filtered it there by mistake.

The email sent to you from James Francis will contain your login details for your account; with these details, you’ll instantly gain access to the complete course online.

Are my details safe?

The checkout page uses SSL (secure service layer) encryption, ensuring your details are safe from hackers and fraud. However, you want to confirm you attend the checkout page the proper thanks to ensure your details are safe.

Do I even have to sell stuff to people i do know to form money with this?

No! this is often no pyramid schemes or referral contest. With this course’s training, you’ll earn commissions by using mini-sites to assist other owners sell their products and services.

What Exactly is that the Prosperity Formula?

The prosperity formula isn’t any of this,

• Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency

or investing

• Taking surveys (LOL)

• Amazon / drop-shipping

• SEO / Blackhat link building

• Or any of that stuff.

The prosperity formula will teach you ways to form money by selling other people’s products; you’ll also find out how to sell your products. The training is comprehensive and still manages to be very understandable.


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