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Steps-by-Steps Tutorial on Google Ads (AdWords) in 2020

Steps-by-Steps Tutorial on Google Ads (AdWords) in 2020
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Step-by-Step on Google Ads (AdWords) 2020.

In this I’m going to show you everything that you need to know, step-by-step process of using google adwords and look this could seem a little bit intimidating at first I know. When I first started running ads on Google it just looked very confusing and the platform was difficult to understand but I promise you that if you follow through not only are you going to have the basics of how to use google ads but you’re actually going to learn some different advanced tactics that we’ve used to increase profit margins to reach more people and get better conversion rates all around the board. So I want to walk you through as simple as possible. Let’s just get started here, the first thing you need to do obviously is to make sure that you have a Google account. Most people have a gmail, if you don’t have one you will have to sign up for one and then you’re going to go to ads.google.com. And once you get to this page you will go up to the corner here and click start now.

Now there’s a couple of things that we want to be careful of when we go through this process of beginning our ads journey and it’s very important to understand that everybody has different sort of goals. Maybe you’re a plumber and you want to get more leads more more clients in your local say Lagos or Abuja area. Or maybe you’re somebody who has no physical service or business tied down to one location but you’d rather go for say an e-commerce business where you’re selling washing machines or something. I don’t know but whatever you’re doing it’s all going to be sort of funneled into this here. So, this will fit everybody’s business model here or if you’re running a political campaign you want to run some ads. Anything should really fit into this . We’re going to start our campaign right here and so we’re creating our first campaign and it’s going to try to walk us through like a nice little easy way to do this.

Step 2 – we will scroll down here and click a switch to expert mode okay.

This is what I would recommend for people even when you’re getting started because I’m going to walk you through a bunch of different hoops and it just kind of gets annoying. Now I want to remind you that when you’re running ads your first ad might not be the most optimized ad out there. This is something important to realize because I think sometimes people think that they need to create this perfect ad. And believe that the first ads that they try is going to have the best conversion rate and they’re going be a genius about it. Even the the master marketers in the world; i mean people who are spending billions of dollars for their company for marketing. They understand the idea of using something called split testing and A B testing. So, this essentially means that you look the first ads that you make on Google AdWords here they might not be the best ads. Infact, you might end up losing money you. As you might not make as many sales that’s what you spend for those ads. But guess what happens you start to get better as you start to tweak them and over time they start to become more and more and more profitable. Once you find those exact keywords that people are looking for. What they’re willing to click on and the conversion rates behind that. So don’t feel bad if you find yourself in a position where you go through this tutorial and run a couple of different ads on Google and you find yourself not making as much money or not getting as many conversions. It will come with time. So, don’t sort of fall into that trap of just thinking that Google ads are not ever going to work for you okay. We have a bunch of different options right here such as sales leads, website traffic, product and brand consideration, brand awareness, app promotion etc. In this tutorial we will focus on website traffic. I know a lot of people have different things that they might be doing but landing someone on your website is a great way to at least to get more publicity and hopefully get people to call you for whatever it might be. Step-by-Step Tutorial on Google Ads (AdWords) 2020.

Step 3 – Select Website Traffic

Let’s just go for website traffic for this now. However, if you’re not going for website traffic just to clarify here you can just click on create an account without a campaign and that works totally fine as well. But you can select a different campaign as you desire. What I would suggest doing for people who are just starting off with Google Ads and they can start with search base ads for now.

Step 4 – Select search option

It’s the simplest most common-sense approach to doing this. Let’s open up a new tab, here let’s type in men’s watches right. Below are search based ads

So, what I’m going to do here is, I’m going to show you how to craft these ads. How to get the best words in there. More importantly how we can use these to really get better conversion rates okay. So let’s go back and let’s click on search based ads and then put in your businesses website name.

For this example we’re just going to use something arbitrary here; let’s say we’re using a website called men’s watches. This might looks like a terrible website name but I just totally made this up right now and I don’t know if this is a real website. But this is just for the purpose of this tutorial. Let’s say that you are selling watches for men and you have a number of different products you’re selling but you’re going after the watch market. Trust me there’s a lot of money in that niche. So, let’s click continue here.

Step 5 – Creating First Ad

Now we’re going into actually creating our first ad. Keep in mind that this first ad like I said earlier is not going to be the final product, because what we need to do is to go through this process of creating a campaign using our Google Ads account. So, that we can start to use something called the Google Keyword planner to really look for a lot of keywords to optimize our ads as best as possible okay. Bear in mind our goal here is for website traffic. Step-by-Step Tutorial on Google Ads (AdWords) 2020.

Step 6 – Type Campaign name

Let’s just keep our campaign name as men’s watches.

Step 7 – Uncheck Search and Display Network

Uncheck search Network and Display Network. I see people just keep this sometimes. This is essential if this campaign is outside of Google. I personally don’t recommend this. I see a lot of people recommending against it as well. When we’re going after the people who go on to Google and search for men’s watches. In this case we want one of our ads to pop up at the top as show above. So, we don’t want to be in their search networks or their display networks for other websites okay. However, you might decide to change these settings at some point if they can convert better for your specific business. Then totally go for it. It’s up to you. This is not a set in stone as what works and what doesn’t work for Google Ads. There’s a lot of things that definitely vary from place to place or business to business. Step-by-Step Tutorial on Google Ads (AdWords) 2020.

Step 8 – Click on Show More Settings

Now when we go to these more settings, here there’s a couple things we can look at. One of them is the start date in the end date. The end date I would actually suggest setting this for maybe a week or two weeks out. What’s good about this is that if you can set an end date if something happens say you get locked out of your account or maybe you just end up not having access to internet for the next couple weeks. I don’t know why but for some reason. The end date will stop the ad at the end date. Because Google if you don’t set an end date will just continue to run these ads and charge your credit card continuously. That is why having an end date is just going to help sort of protect you in case something happen and then you are not being able to get in your account for a month and you just getting charged by Google every single day for running ads.

Step 9 – Select Your Ads Target Location and Audience

Locations, this is an important factor. I will target Nigerian Audience if am selling a physical product. So, do not run ads in say India but you live in Nigeria and you’re selling a product that is going to cost a lot more to ship to India or to other countries in the world. Then it might not be very worth it from a business standpoint. So, target people in the Nigeria obviously if you have a local business. If you are a plumber in the city of Lagos you’re going to want to go after Lagos residents right as your niche is local. keeping it kind of broad can be helpful if you have a product that’s pretty broad example digital products which can be sold worldwide.

Step 10 – Select the Language

Specify the language for your campaign. Step-by-Step Tutorial on Google Ads (AdWords) 2020.

Step 11 – Specify your budget

For budget I would suggest doing for your campaign maybe about five to ten dollars a day. Obviously depends on on how much money you have willing to spend on your business. But you want to remember that if you have a really low budget. You can set your daily budget to ten dollars okay. But if you set your daily budget to one dollar, it’s going to be difficult to see how your ads are actually working because that might only be a couple of clicks for one dollar. You might pay a dollar so you get one click on your ad depending on what area it’s in or even in some cases no clicks whatsoever. If your campaign budget is a dollar per day it will be challenging. For this tutorial we’re setting it for ten dollars. I’m going to show you how to do some split testing. Some A/B testing as well later in this tutorial. We’re setting it to ten dollars for now.

Step 12 – Set Maximum Cost Per Click

Set a maximum cost per click. This will prevent us from ending up paying like ten dollars for a single click for a watch. Because maybe it’s a really competitive market. So, for this just because we’re creating our first ad we can just take a guess at this and let’s just say that our maximum bid is going to be a dollar twenty-five okay ($1.25). And once we get into this we’ll learn whether a dollar twenty-five is a lot or a little depending on the watch industry and what kind of the standard is for that.

Step 13 Click on Save and Continue

This is setting up our campaign.

Step 14 – Creating Ad Group

Next we’re going into creating an ad group and then after ad group we can create ads for that ad group okay. So, this is the part where we’re actually going to enter in some keywords and phrases that we think we want to target for our ads on Google Network okay. For this because we’re selling men’s watches in this example we can kind of go through and sort of take a guess at what it is that we want to try to use as keywords. I would suggest doing this using Google Keyword planner. But it’s kind of a catch because to access Google Keyword planner you need to have a Google Ads account. And we’re going through this right now to get access to that Google Keyword planner. However, there are also a lot of other different tools you can use like keywords.io or you can use some other ones as well. I think Neil Patel has some really good ones I think. Right now we’re just going through here and add a couple of phrases or keywords that we think of, that come off the top of our heads okay. Let’s start with maybe men’s watches, men’s luxury watches, watches for men etc. On the right side you will see keyword equals broad match. What does that mean? That means that what we’re typing in right here, this is just a broad match. So, this could come up anywhere within; when somebody searching on Google and if it’s anything closely related to this our keywords; Google will show your ad. Now if we put parentheses (men’s watches) on the keywords that is going to be a phrase match okay. So, that’s a little bit more niche down essentially what that’s going to be is if they see that combination of those keywords, they’re going to run an ad on that. Then if we have brackets [men’s watches] which is the exact match. I like to use brackets a lot because I know exactly what I’m getting. So, if we put brackets around this it’s going to limit it to this exact phrase that we’re using okay. This is really helpful to kind of figure out what’s going to work best for you. Because having those brackets around will make when people search for watch for men your ad will not show up, unless they have to write watches for men for your ad to show up in Google. Using brackets, parentheses or using nothing will all have a different results when you’re actually creating this ad group okay. So, you want to just remember that going forward okay. You will also see our daily estimates are about 124 clicks at a cost of nine dollars eighty cents which is only about eight cents per click. That’s not too bad for this depending on how much we’re selling these watches. Now save and continue.

Step 15 – Creating The Ad

Now we’re actually creating our ad. Like I said because1 this is your first ad it’s important to think pretty heavily about what it is that you’re going to use for the headlines and the descriptions. But at the same time there’s going to be some A/B testing, some split testing where maybe you make your first ad and you make a couple different ads here right. Because this is our first ad that we’re making right here, with this ten dollars that we’re spending per day. We can actually split this to run multiple different ads to see which one performs best and whatever ad performs best is the one that we can put more money into and then kind of forget about the other one. As we start to tweak the other ones so that they all perform very well hopefully you see where I’m coming from. Our ad headline one will be luxury men’s watches, then men’s watches right. Then headline two with making something that’s pretty attractive like free worldwide shipping. Let’s do something sort of attractive that you can put in those front two headlines there. Now we go onto google and if somebody’s seeing my ad right here it’s going to say luxury men’s watches free worldwide shipping looks kind of attractive. Maybe we could make it better. Then we can add another headline if we would like to. Next we fill out the descriptions. So, what do we want to put in here maybe you know the best or let’s do the number one luxury watch brand in the world and then in description 2 we can do say made in Switzerland right or handcrafted in Switzerland that’s just an example. Saveand continue.

Step 16 – Fill In Your Payment Information

Fill in your payment information. I would suggest finding a promo code. I see a lot of promotional codes where you’ll get like $100 in Google AdWords credits. Just do like a quick google search for Google Ads credits especially for your first time user and then go from there. Add in your credit card details, your billing information and then submit this payment info. it’s going to put us into the Google AdWords platform and this is where it gets interesting.

Step 17 – Using Negative Keywords

This is were i will show you how to use negative keywords so that you’re not getting certain things so that you are not having your ads displayed on certain search terms that you don’t want them on. So, we can use negative keywords. But I’m also going to show you a number of other different things that we can use for Google AdWords to really optimize our ads that we’re using okay. Go to settings – planning-keyword planner as shown above. This is how you access the Google Keyword planner and this is how we can further optimize our ad that we created. Thought about some terms we could use.

Step 18 – Discover New Keywords

This is going to allow us to see the average CPM or the average cost-per-click that you have available but also give you a number of different ideas right. So, let’s type in men’s watches and let’s see what type of ideas they come up with for us. We’re going to get some results right here and once it loads we’re going to see a bunch of different options. Now first of all you’re going see that’s a lot of traffic to this. This is probably a pretty highly competitive area when it comes to watches probably because a lot of watches are pretty expensive especially you get a Rolex or Gucci watch. A Casio watch is getting almost a hundred of thousand searches per month but they’re all very high competition. So, what we can also do is we can go through and maybe try to find something that’s a little bit more niche down. If we type in say men’s luxury watches. Generally it is good to have lower competition because what that’s going to mean is that there’s going to be a slower sort of cost per click because if you look at these ones with high competition the bid range here the high range for some of these bids is almost $10. Which means you’re gonna be paying a hell lot of money for campaign. The average cost-per-click is somewhere between two dollars and twenty seven cents and seven dollars and twenty-nine cents you better be ready to pay quite a bit of money for that okay. So, we can go through here and find some keywords that have relatively lower competition.

We can sort all of this which is really cool through this Google Keyword planner. So, look for lower competition here and just clicking a couple random ones for the sake of this tutorial and then we can add them to an ad group right so this is really cool. Simply doing this and practicing and rinsing and repeating


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