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Is this a healthy breakfast,half a bannana with wholebread penut butter,jelly.

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10 thoughts on “Is this a healthy breakfast,half a bannana with wholebread penut butter,jelly.

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  2. This is decent, plenty of less healthy options out there. If you want to make it better, make sure to use whole grain bread, natural peanut butter and maybe leave out the jam (jelly) as it’s always high in sugar.

    Please don’t be put off by people who are against carbs. One slice of bread and half a piece of fruit is not much at all. It would be good to incorporate a protein but I would never recommend bacon for that. Sprinkle hemp seeds on top maybe.

  3. Not bad but you are missing ur protein source, you get some Fibre and healthy carbs from the banana some more carbs from the bread ur healthy fats from the pb and some sugar from the jelly just no protein

  4. This is a good breakfast if you’re planning on running and need quick carbs / sugar into your system – otherwise, protein is better because it gets metabolized slower (no spike in blood sugar) and that blood sugar doesn’t get converted to fat when unused in the system.

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