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100 thoughts on “How do you eat your cottage cheese? I like mine with pineapple, and a ton of fresh cracked black pepper and smoked paprika.

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  2. I love it in a kind of salad with dill, garlic powder, pepper and veggies (tomato, cooked beet, carrot, cucumber) chopped up small or grated. One of my favourite lunches.

  3. Wow! So many awesome suggestions!! I’m so glad I posted here. Been looking for new ways to eat one of my fave dietary staples. Thank you guys for all your responses! <3

  4. My favorite comfort meal as a kid…

    Sauté butter and onion in a pan. Boil some pasta, pour the butter and onion over it and add cottage cheese. THE BEST 😍😍

  5. My mom was always big on peaches or cantaloupe. I’ve always preferred just black pepper, or, chopped radishes, green onion and pepper…my mouth is watering with nostalgia now.

  6. I buy the smooth flavoured cottage cheese. More protein than yogurt, but a few more grams of sugar too. There’s lemon, vanilla bean and blueberry açai. I eat it with blueberries every morning.

  7. Cottage cheese with raspberries, and pumpkin seeds. It’s delicious. I like it sweet so I always add a sugar substitute on top. I like your idea, I must try it.

  8. I’ve liked it in the past with pineapple and cinnamon, but I usually just end up eating my cottage cheese plain! Maybe with a little extra salt and some pepper.

  9. Green olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, & thousand island dressing. Not the healthiest ever, but pepperoni is delicious in this too…years of salad bar experimentation.

  10. I take a cup of fat free cottage cheese, then a quarter cup of pistachios. Then I dice up a small amount of red onion, bell pepper, and cucumber. Maybe about a quarter cup each. Mince about half a serrano pepper, then sprinkle on a copious amount of everything bagel seasoning.

  11. Oof I’m so boring in comparison. I’m trying to increase my protein intake and cottage cheese is perfect for that. So I usually have it on those corn wafer thins/rice cake things with either salami or smoked salmon…depends on the financials. But 21g of protein with the salmon and 18gm with the salami really can’t be beat! I do sprinkle furikake on top to help make it interesting!

    My cottage cheese has chives premixed in it so it firmly savoury but so delicious I could eat it on it’s own.

  12. I have it different ways. I grew up eating it with sliced peaches. I also will cut a cantaloupe in half, scoop out the seeds, and fill the cavity with cottage cheese. Sometimes for dinner we’ll mix it with diced tomatoes, onions, and peppers, then season to taste.

  13. For savory: extra virgin olive oil, fresh cracked black pepper and sliced tomatoes.

    For sweet: my mom’s home canned peaches, topped with frozen raspberries.


  14. Ah, another cottage cheese stan. Time to share some of my combos:


    -peaches and cinnamon

    -dollop of raspberry jam

    -blenderized into pancake/waffle batter (look up recipes, its good)

    -blenderized with vanilla, a bit of milk and sweetener of choice then frozen in an ice cream maker. It sounds weird, but it’s actually really good


    -Tomatoes, garlic powder, Italian seasoning.

    -avocado, salt, pepper

    -blenderized with Italian seasoning, salt and pepper as a “ricotta” spread

    -protein Alfredo sauce. Stay with me on this. It’s delicious and so easy, i love it..

  15. Put it on top of mashed potatoes with a bunch fresh black ground pepper! It’s a great combination with hot mashed potatoes and cool cottage cheese giving a unique combination of texture with a touch of spice with the fresh pepper!

  16. It’s one of the only foods that I grind pepper onto! For a savory snack: top with black pepper then dip Trader Joe’s Organic Corn Chips (similar to Frito’s). For a sweet snack: mix with applesauce. I ate that all the time as a kid, it’s refreshing!

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