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Avocado Toast, Caprese Salad, Butter Chicken, Peanut Butter Fruit Bowl, Cottage Cheese w/ Strawberries, and Orange Protein Coffee (Higher-Carb Refeed OMAD)

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2 thoughts on “Avocado Toast, Caprese Salad, Butter Chicken, Peanut Butter Fruit Bowl, Cottage Cheese w/ Strawberries, and Orange Protein Coffee (Higher-Carb Refeed OMAD)

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  2. This meal is healthy because it’s only 8.3% “processed” food – 150 of the 1805 calories come from protein powder. If cottage cheese or nonfat greek yogurt are “processed foods” then it’s a little higher.

    What’s in the picture:

    * Raspberries on cottage cheese
    * A nectarine and peach, plus strawberries, diced up and layered in with Fage nonfat greek yogurt blended together with PB2 sugar-free peanut butter powder
    * Every spoonful tastes like peanut butter and fruit
    * Avocado toast
    * I was low on potassium for the week – the result of two keto days back-to-back – avocados have plenty of potassium. I also exercise every day and stay on top of my electrolytes, so there’s a healthy amount of salt on top.
    * Caprese Salad
    * A better one would be garnished with oil and herbs
    * Butter Chicken
    * Recipe by u/kyle8484 [](
    * Protein Coffee
    * One serving “Premiere Protein Cafe Latte” protein powder, one cup 2% milk, and 15 drops of orange extract, mixed into a french press full of coffee

    Believe it or not, I’m still 50 calories under my TDEE – and I’ve already run six miles today (sluggishly – hence the need for a higher carbohydrate refeed), with plans to exercise more. I knew my body needed carbs after how hard I’ve pushed myself this week, between winning third place in a race, doing a running club practice, and breaking PR’s in my usual runs. It’s hard for me to support all my running, biking and hiking without carbing-up once in a while; I prefer eating low-carb, but for both keeping my nutrients in check, as well as fueling my muscles, some tasty fruit is necessary at least a few times a week!

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